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EMPA Membership Includes:
  • EDUCATION: On Risk Management, marketing and additional energetic skills so that you can continue to grow your practice and support your clients. 
  • PROTECTION: Liability Insurance to protect your practice as well as your clients
  • CONNECTION: Private Facebook group to connect with other Energy Practitioners and a Practitioner Directory that connects you with clients
Insurance coverage for USA Residents only. 
 EMPA membership includes support tools, resources and publications like the new Reopening Your Practice Guidelines during COVID-19.
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YOU Need to Have Insurance for YOUR Practice 
Energy Practitioners like you offer emotional and physical relief to others. But accidents happen even in the best practices and to the most caring healers.
Nobody should have to worry about being sued or be concerned about an incident happening
under their care.
Carrying liability insurance is an expectation for health care professionals is and considered a best-practice.  By letting your clients know you carry liability insurance for your practice, you indicate your professionalism as a practitioner, that you take your business seriously and that your clients and their well-being are important to you.
In some states and cities having Insurance is a requirement by law. Some modalities require liability insurance for it's members.  It may also be required to rent space or to participate in an event.  By having insurance you are opening doors and opportunities to practice. 
Should, something happen EMPA is there to walk with you through the entire
process — from financial protection to having a good lawyer and settling a claim. With this coverage you can have the freedom to practice worry free.
It is easy to apply on-line and get your U.S. practice covered. 
We offer three levels of coverage and have over 88 modalities listed. 
What Energy Healers Are Saying About Having Insurance with EMPA
Kristine Ovsepian
Certified Hypnotherapist & Life Coach , NLP and EFT Practitioner
Journeys to Heal
Having insurance is a must! Protect yourself and your healing practice so you can share your gifts with confidence!

Krista L Hall, RN
Healing Touch Certified Practitioner
Reiki Master Teacher
In a profession where credibility and professionalism are key to obtaining more recognized and valuable presence, malpractice insurance is key to our credibility.

Ray Sizemore , LCSW

Get the coverage you need for your practice. Better safe than sorry. All it takes is one disgruntled client and you can find your practice bankrupt and your license in jeopardy.

Betsy Bartter Muller
Master Trainer of EFT
The Indigo Connection 
You absolutely need this coverage if you are a professional charging for your services. Every practitioner I certify is urged to have coverage as part of ethical practice.

Here are Just a Few Practitioner Resources 
EMPA Provides it's Members

Not Quite Sure 
You Need Insurance? 

Start here with our FREE Insurance Guide

Get your FREE Liability Insurance for the Energy Medicine Practitioner 
Buyers Guide
In the Guide You'll Discover...
  • THE 5 TYPES OF INSURANCE AVAILABLE FOR ENERGY MEDICINE PRACTITIONERS - understand the different types of insurance so that you can find the right insurance for your practice
  • ​CHECKLIST TO FIND THE CORRECT COVERAGE FOR YOU - a handy checklist will guide you through the steps to finding the right insurance for your modality so that you can know you're getting the best coverage!
  • HOW TO AVOID THE COMMON MISTAKES OF INSURANCE - discover the common mistakes made by practitioners so you can avoid them!
Practice Support 
EMPA is focused on bringing useful support tools for its members. We created this 16 page Reopening Your Practice Guide to help practitioners with challenges and issues you may face when you resume your in-person practice amid COVID-19. 
This guide includes:
  • Detailed guidelines for preparing your work areas: cleaning, disinfection, signage and social distancing
  • Guidelines for new policies and procedures: client arrival, session procedures, practitioner preparedness, end-of-session and client follow-up
  • Three Sample Forms including updated COVID-19 Client Consent and Health Screening, Client Check-in Protocol and new office policies. 
For additional COVID-19 Updates and Support for the Energy Community CLICK HERE
Practice Guidelines 
Discover how to turn your in-person practice into a remote practice so you can continue to serve your clients even during a pandemic.
This guide includes:
  • How to adjust your Session Protocol for remote practice. Includes practitioner and client do's and dont's , client forms, session checklist (and more) so you can effectively and professionally conduct your remote session even if you are new to offering distant healing. 
  • Get a handle on Remote Tech. Learn what equipment do you need, leading HIPAA platforms, tips for looking good on video calls, and establishing good communication with your clients so that you can present your best professional self in your remote sessions.
  • Best Practice for Risk Management in your remote sessions. HIPAA, Informed Consent, Safety and Practice Protection so you can openly share your gifts without worry. 
  • ​And more!