Do You Need Insurance as an Energy Healer?
The short answer is YES!

Discover Why with a
Free Insurance Buyers Guide
To help us customize this guide for you, which of the following best describes you?
STUDENT: I'm still taking energy healing courses
PRACTITIONER: I'm currently treating clients
In the Guide You'll Discover
The 5 Types of Insurance Available for Energy Medicine Practitioners
the 5 types of insurance available for energy medicine practitioners
In the guide, you'll discover the 5 different types of coverage available to you as an energy medicine practitioner. We'll explain each in detail so you can know what the correct coverage is for you and your business.
Checklist to Find the Correct Coverage for You
checklist to find the correct coverage for you
This handy checklist will guide you through the steps to finding the right insurance for your modality so that you can know you're getting the best coverage!
How to Avoid the Common Mistakes of Insurance
how to avoid the
common mistakes of insurance
One of the most common mistakes made by practitioners is to believe they are covered by insurance
when they are not. In this guide, we'll show you the most common mistakes so you can avoid them!
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