Professional Liability Insurance for 
Energy Healers and Holistic Practitioners

Protecting Practitioners 
and the Practice They Love

Be Professional. Be Safe. Practice with Confidence.

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Stop Worrying About Your Practice and Your Clients

It's a fact -- Holistic practitioners need to have liability insurance for their practice. This protects your clients should something happen under your care and it protects you and your practice from financial disaster! Accidents happen even in the best practices and to the most caring healers. 

We believe that nobody should have to worry about being sued or be concerned 
about an incident happening under their care. 

Should something happen, EMPA is there to walk with you through the entire process 
— from financial protection to having a good lawyer and even taking care of a claim.

We offer you peace of mind. 

Why Choose Energy Medicine Professional Association?

We’re Fast & Affordable

You've got better things to focus on: Like running your business. Our policies are fast, affordable, and ready when you are.

We’re Tailored To You

We are energy practitioners too! We understand your practice and have tailored our insurance program to the exact protection your business needs.

Flexible Coverage Options

Whether you need coverage for an in-person or remote  practice, your a student, part-time or full time practitioner, or instructor EMPA has a policy that will be right for your practice.

Here is What You'll get with Your EMPA Membership

Insurance - Professional liability and general liability coverage with the profession's highest aggregate coverages available: $2 million per incident, $4 million total per policy year. And these coverages protect you no matter where, or how many places, you work.

 Risk Management Education - A comprehensive preventative risk management program to help you see risks that are not apparent in your practice. 

 FREE subscription to Energy Magazine Lite

 Practitioner's Lab - Get hands-on training in risk management, marketing strategy, business fundamentals, personal growth, client resources, and more.

 Practitioner Directory - Meet other practitioners in the EMPA Practitioner Directory. This directory will help potential clients find and connect with you.

 Community - We have several on-line communities so you can connect with other holistic and energy practitioners. 

Choose Your Coverage

Covering Over 88 Different Modalities



Standard Annual Policy
+ EMPA Membership

  • Coverage suited for Energy Medicine students and part-time practitioners working less than 6 hours per week.
  • Allows for classes or sessions with up to 9 in-person participants.
  • No participation limits for online sessions or classes.




Professional Annual Policy
+ EMPA Membership

  • Coverage for Energy Medicine practitioners working more than 6 hours per week up to full-time practice.
  • Allows for classes or sessions with up to 9 in-person participants.
  • No participation limits for online sessions or classes.



Premium Annual Policy
+ EMPA Membership

  • Coverage for any practitioner working with large, in-person groups with over 9 participants.
  • Allows for classes or sessions with 1-99 in-person participants.
  • No participation limits for online sessions or classes.

The best time to get insurance is before you need insurance!

We know we need insurance but we often don’t want to take the time or spend the money to get it. 
EMPA makes it easy — with clear information, a short on-line application and it is affordable. 
Diminish your worry, protect your clients, and raise the credibility of your practice with EMPA insurance.
  • Our online application will take about 5 minutes to fill out. 
  • Insurance approval in less that 24 hours on business days for eligible practices. 

What Practitioners Are Saying About EMPA

Frank DiCristina
Harmonic Sound Therapist and Instructor, Dowsing, Crystal and Reiki Practitioner
Getting insurance from EMPA helped to show my clients that I am serious and committed about my practice and not some fly by night operation working out of their car or spare room of their home.

Having insurance is an investment in yourself and allowed me to rent a professional space which made me look and feel more professional. It’s worth the peace of mind that I am covered.
Ann Cathcart
Owner, Clear Path to Wellness, HTCP, Holistic Nurse, Master Healer and Integrative Health Coach
One hopes that they never need insurance. But if a need arises, it is a must have. It is too bad we live in a litigious society. You can never be too careful when working with people in a vulnerable condition needing healing.

Insurance is a cost of doing business in health care, especially since it costs so little-comparatively-to other costs of doing business in health care. It is always prudent to be careful when dealing with people. I believe that any professional should have insurance to protect their personal assets. This is not a place to cut costs.

I feel like I have an organization, like EMPA, that has my back just in case. I feel more careful and astute in my ethical practice when I carry insurance.
Joni Ryan
Certified Metaphysical Practitioner, Chaplain, Reiki Master, and Healing Touch Practitioner Apprentice Mind, Body, Energy Center
Before getting my insurance coverage thorough EMPA, I had fear that a client would be unrealistic in their expectations, regardless of informed consent, that would cause them to take unwarranted legal action. If this happened where would I turn for help?

Now that I have coverage, I have confidence that this organization would help me through such situations if they arose. The peace of mind you get from having the insurance allows for a more heart centered and client focused practice.

EMPA assures both myself and my clients that I take my practice seriously and I am backed by an ethical and knowledgeable insurance organization.

Additional Practitioner Resources

Liability Insurance 
Buyers Guide

Need Insurance for Your Practice? 
Liability insurance is one of the best ways to protect your energy practice. Discover how you will benefit from insurance and how insurance works by downloading our Insurance Buyer’s Guide. The guide includes information about policy details, common mistakes and a coverage checklist. 

COVID-19 Practitioner Guidelines

We have developed an assortment of resources to help holistic and energy practitioners in managing a Covid-19 environment. As risk managers, we are committed to supporting you in ethical, safe practice and offer this guide as a helpful resource. The guide provides general risk guidance based on current knowledge and conditions. We remain focused on supporting you during these unprecedented times. 

Remote Practice Guide

Remote energy healing isn’t just a matter of a location change, there is a mindset change and business practices component which should be considered. To support our members in shifting to remote work, we have developed this guideline to assist Energy and Holistic Practitioners. Our focus is to ensure a safe practice environment. 
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